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Why does consumer waste matter? What is circular design? What on earth is bagasse? Visit our Learning Center for these answers and more, and gain a better perspective on the role design can play in reducing our waste. 

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Discover a better resource for your next project or product. Whether it’s coffee packaging, custom tees, or branded shipping boxes, we’ve rounded up better options for all of it.

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Featured Resource —

Trash Collection

Everybody.World Trash Tee

Cleverly named the Trash Tee, Everybody.World offers tees made from 100% recycled cotton.

“For the first time on planet Earth, we’ve figured out how to divert this major waste stream from the landfill back into wearable, lovable, useful T-shirts. This not only saves resources, it changes the way we look at what should be considered waste, and how we value raw materials.” —Everybody.World

Interested in something other than a tee? They also make hoodies, shorts, and more. Contact Everybody.World for custom projects, as well as printing and Pantone-match dyes.

Manufactured: USA
Qualities: Recycled

Photo: Everybody.World

Featured Designer —

Margarita Talep


Margarita Talep algae-based packaging   Margarita Talep algae-based packaging

Margarita Talep algae-based bioplastic process

Algae-based Bioplastic

There’s a wealth of creativity and innovation happening in the world of bioplastics. Santiago-based designer Margarita Talep discovered another fascinating source that might help us break ties with traditional plastic.

By extracting agar from algae, she’s able to create a biodegradable material that can be used to package dry goods. Read more about Talep’s project “Disintegrate me” over at Dezeen.com.

Photos: Margarita Talep

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Terry Gross interviews Kate O’Neill about her new book, “Waste”

With China no longer accepting recyclables from the United States and other nations, many of us are left wondering, what happens now? University of California, Berkeley environmental science professor Kate O’Neill walks us through what this means for the U.S. and where our waste will likely go. It’s a fascinating interview and we look forward to reading her new book. Listen to the episode here.
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What is Circular Design?

You might be familiar with the circular economy, but have you heard of circular design?

It’s an integral part of this new economic, social, and environmental vision championed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. We look to them, the experts, to walk us through what it means to design circularly and create with our planet’s health in mind. Read more here.