Through design & creativity we can work toward a more harmonious existence between the planet and its people.

A Better Source sustainable packaging resources

A Better Source was born from a simple question: “What can I do?”

In the context of climate change, a lot of us are asking this. The birth of the zero-waste movement, a rise in plant-based diets, and the global wave of environmental activism among youth show us how people are responding in their own ways. Rather than simply wait on corporations and governments to take action, many of us are choosing to make individual changes. And that’s what we’re doing here.

A Better Source was created with the intention to help designers and small businesses produce more responsibly. We believe the first step in this larger effort is widespread access to information, which is why our directory is public and free. With an emphasis on sustainable materials, we’ve dedicated this space to responsible sourcing so that finding environmentally conscious alternatives can be much easier.

Significant policy changes are desperately needed from world leaders. But it in the meantime, as you choose to make individual changes and create more consciously, know that A Better Source will be here to support you along the way.

A Better Source is led by Citron Studio. We are able to remain free thanks to the support of the creative community through volunteer work and financial contributions.


A Better Source can only exist with the support of you, the community. Become a volunteer and help us discover new resources and spread awareness. Not only will you feel good, you’ll learn about sustainable design along the way!

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This directory was created for you. Research, writing, and website improvements take time and funding. Please consider making a financial contribution so we can continue to share the best resources out there.

Future plans:
A custom-built website with search and filter functionality

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A Better Source sustainable packaging resources


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It takes a village to build a community project like this. Thank you to everyone who lent a hand (and an ear).


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The following organizations have been invaluable to the research and building of A Better Source, thanks to their reporting and educational efforts.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation


The Dieline

National Geographic

The New York Times

National Public Radio

A Plastic Planet

World Wildlife Fund