SunGrown cannabis packaging for 1906 New Highs
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Cannabis Packaging

It can be challenging to package plastic-free in the cannabis industry, but California-based SunGrown provides a smart alternative.

Thanks to its sliding box design featuring tab locks, SunGrown offers a child-resistant package made of recycled and PCW materials. All materials are sourced in the USA, and all packaging is manufactured under one roof in Oakland. Custom printing is available.

Qualities: Child-resistant, Compostable (optional), PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: USA 

Photo: 1906


When working with small quantities and limited budgets, stock packaging with custom printed labels can be an economical and quick solution. We’ve rounded up a variety of options that feature little to no plastic and are either compostable or recyclable.


Metal Containers
CROWN offers metal containers in a variety of shapes and styles. Their aluminum and steel packaging is curbside recyclable, can be recycled infinitely, and can be reused by customers.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: Global
CROWN metal containers


Using a 100% recycled paper exterior and a collapsible, plastic liner, Ecologic offers improved packaging options for items like detergents, bath products, wine, and more. To go completely plastic-free, bioplastic options are available for inner linings.

Qualities: Compostable (partially), PCW (partially), Recyclable (partially) Manufactured: USA (primarily)
Ecologic recycled paper bottles with plastic liners


Elevate Packaging: 
Pouches & Bags
Elevate Packaging has been around for nearly 20 years, specializing in 100% compostable packaging. They offer pouches and bags suitable for food, cannabis, bath products, and more. Elevate’s site features a great deal of information to help you source responsibly.
Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: USA
Elevate Packaging compostable pouch


Bioplastic Wrap
Evoware offers a seaweed-based packaging wrap suitable for virtually any dry good (e.g., soap packaging). The material has a two-year shelf life, dissolves in warm water, and can be custom printed on.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass, Water-soluble
Manufactured: Indonesia
Evoware bioplastic wrap


Glass Containers
Glassnow offers a wide variety of glass containers suitable for fragrances, soaps, candles, and more. All products are made with 30-100% recycled glass. Glass is curbside recyclable, able to be recycled infinitely, and can be reused by customers.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: Varies
Glassnow glass jar with wood lid


Bioplastic Wrap
MakeGrowLab specializes in a SCOBY-based packaging wrap suitable for virtually any health and beauty product (e.g., soap packaging). The material can be sealed with heat and can be custom printed on.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: Poland
MakeGrowLab bioplastic wrap


Ocean Waste Plastics (OWP):
Cosmetic Packaging
OWP, part of Pack Tech in Denmark, retrieves plastic pollution from natural waterways (primarily the Philippine Sea, the Caribbean Sea, and the Indian Ocean) and recycles the waste into packaging for the beauty and wellness industry. Thanks to their unique process, no virgin plastic is added.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: Indonesia, USA, China
Ocean Waste Plastics (OWP) cosmetic packaging


Nordic Collection
Sulapac’s stock jars are comprised of wood chips sourced from sustainably managed forests, and plant-based binders. The Nordic Collection offers a variety of stock sizes as well as jar and lid colors which can be mixed and matched. The containers are suitable for oil-based formulas. Sulapac’s Universal and Premium injection molding materials are also available for custom packaging and fabrication of consumer goods such as clothing hangers or personal care items.

Qualities: Compostable
Manufactured: Unknown
Sulapac Nordic Collection cellulose-based jars


Sustainable Packaging Industries (SPI):
Clamshells & Trays
SPI specializes in molded pulp packaging made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard. The GreenCraft clamshells and wheat straw trays come in a variety of styles and can be used for virtually anything thanks to their custom inserts. While they don't offer printing services, belly bands or labels can easily be made with your local printer for a finished look.

Qualities: Compostable, PCW, Recyclable Manufactured: Asia
Sustainable Packaging Industries (SPI) clamshells


With cannabis’s legalization comes a myriad of laws related to its packaging. Required features like child-resistant locking, resealable containers, and opaque materials drive the industry to rely on virgin plastic. Fortunately, there are a handful of packaging companies with different ideas.


Dispensary Exit Bags
HISIERRA offers custom printed exit bags made from non-GMO sugarcane, rather than plastic. Please note: These are not certified compostable, which makes proper disposal difficult.

Qualities: Child-resistant, Non-GMO Manufactured: USA


Pouches & Bags
Roastar offers stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and gusseted bags in a compostable kraft. The material provides a six-month shelf life and is suitable for cannabis and food products. Roastar also offers custom printing.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable
Manufactured: USA
Roastar compostable pouch


Cannabis Tubes & Containers
Sana offers two types of cannabis packaging. Their Ocean Tubes are made with 100% reclaimed plastic (from Oceanworks), and their hemp packaging is a bioplastic made with, you guessed it, hemp. Please note: The hemp packaging is not certified compostable, which makes proper disposal difficult.

Qualities: Child-resistant, Non-tree Biomass (some), Recyclable (some), Recycled (some)
Manufactured: USA
Sana cannabis pre-roll tubes made from ocean plastic


Tin Canna: 
Tin Cannabis Containers
Tin Canna offers both tubes and circular tins suitable for cannabis. By using tin, the packaging is easily recyclable and typically made with a percentage of recycled content (exact percentage is unknown).

Qualities: Child-resistant, Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: China
Tin Canna tin cannabis container for 1906 New Highs


LeafLocker offers EcoBox and SlideBox as plastic-free and child-resistant packaging options for cannabis products. Custom printing is available on stock sizes, and inner trays can be customized to accommodate for different products such as pre-rolls, vape cartridges and edibles.

Qualities: FSC Certified (some), PCW (some), Recyclable
Manufactured: USA
LeafLocker Cannabis Packaging

Stickers & Labels

From recycled paper fiber to sugarcane to bioplastic, there are plenty of environmentally conscious options for labels. Remember: When opting for fully compostable packaging, don’t forget the labels need to be compostable as well.


Stickers & Labels
EcoEnclose offers two earth-conscious options for custom branded stickers and labels. Both the Zero Waste and Recycled labels are made with 100% PCW and are fully recyclable. Custom die-cut shapes are available.

Qualities: PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: Unknown
EcoEnclose 100% PCW stickers & labels


Pure Labels:
Stickers & Labels
Pure offers custom printed labels in almost a dozen materials. Environmental qualities vary depending on the material, but options include compostable, recyclable, tree free, oil resistant, water resistant, and more.

Qualities: Compostable (some), Non-tree Biomass (some), Recyclable (some), Recycled (some)
Manufactured: USA
Pure Labels stickers and labels


Estate Label
Neenah Estate Label papers are specifically designed to withstand moist environments. #10 and #12 are made with at least 30% PCW.

Qualities: PCW
Manufactured: USA
Neenah: Estate Label sample book


Sticker It:
Eco-Friendly Stickers
Sticker It offers custom sticker options made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. Sticker It’s Eco-Friendly glossy stickers are available in a white or clear base option, suitable for outdoor use for up to 6 months, and are resistant to oil and moisture.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable
Manufactured: United Kingdom
Sticker It: Eco-Friendly Stickers