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Elevate Packaging:
Pouches & Bags


Chicago-based Elevate Packaging offers a variety of 100% compostable food packaging products including stand-up pouches, cello bags, coffee bags, labels, and more.

They’ve been in business nearly 20 years and offer a wealth of information for each and every product to help you source responsibly. Custom packaging solutions are available, as well.

Qualities: Compostable, FSC Certified (some), Home Compostable (some), Non-GMO (some)
Manufactured: Varies

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Product Packaging

Take five steps into your local grocery store and immediately see why big change is needed in this category. If you’re looking for a fully custom solution or simply stock, there are plenty of plastic-free solutions, with more on the rise.


Bio4pack manufactures biobased food packaging ranging from laminated film and trays made of PLA, to netting made from starch and cellulose, to paper and cardboard made of agricultural waste.
Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass (some), PCW (some)
Manufactured: Germany
Bio4Pack custom food packaging


Film Packaging
BioBag is best known for its green, compostable bags, but the company also offers custom film-packaging solutions suitable for food.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-GMO (some)
Manufactured: USA (primarily)


Metal Containers
CROWN offers a wide array metal cans and containers for food and beverages. Their aluminum and steel packaging is curbside recyclable, can be recycled infinitely, and can be reused by customers.
Qualities: Recycled, Recyclable
Manufactured: Global
CROWN metal food packaging


4 & 6-Pack Rings
E6PR’s compostable four and six-pack rings, made from a byproduct of beer brewing, provide an alternative to the beverage industry’s standard plastic rings. E6PR is working towards the product’s compostable certification.

Qualities: Biodegradable, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: Mexico 
E6PR compostable 4 & 6-pack rings made from beer brewing byproduct


Pouches, Bags, Wrappers & more
New Zealand-based Econic specializes in compostable packaging for food products. They offer stock packages, as well as fully custom services using their EconicClear, EconicKraft, and EcoClear materials and films.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable
Manufactured: New Zealand 
Econic compostable pouches


Elk Packaging: 
Custom Pouches, Wrappers & more
Elk Packaging offers custom, earth-conscious printing and packaging solutions for folded cartons, film pouches, and more. Elk was one of the first companies in the U.S. to create a fully compostable, flexible film stand-up pouch.

Qualities: Compostable (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: USA
Elk Packaging custom pouch


Bioplastic Wrap
Evoware created a seaweed-based packaging wrap suitable for dry foods. It has a two-year shelf life, dissolves in warm water, and can be custom printed on.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass, Water Soluble
Manufactured: Indonesia
Evoware bioplastic wrap


Pouches & Bags
Formosa offers two compostable materials, LÜ-K and LÜ-C, in a variety of pouch and bag styles. These are suitable for products like protein powders, coffees, snacks, and more.

Qualities: Compostable
Manufactured: Unknown
Formosa pouches and bags


NatureFlex (U.S.) (U.K.) (Custom)
NatureFlex by Futamura is a fully compostable material that resembles plastic but is derived from renewable wood pulp. It’s available in a variety of film bags suitable for food through different retailers like BioMass and Direct Packaging.

The packaging films can also be made-to-order to custom specs, and the NatureFlex team can help with custom packaging solutions for shelf stable foods, coffee and tea, produce, and other food service packaging.

Qualities: FSC-Certified, Compostable, Home Compostable
Manufactured: Canada, Japan & UK
Futamura: NatureFlex compostable cellulose film bags


Gallo Glass:
Wine Bottles
Gallo Glass manufactures a variety wine bottles, all containing up to 50% recycled glass content. They’re manufactured in California with much consideration for the environment. Gallo Glass’ wine bottles can, of course, be used for other beverages like kombucha, cold brew, and juice.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: USA
Gallo Glass wine bottles


Glass Containers
Glassnow offers a wide variety of glass containers suitable for food and beverage products. All glassware is made with 30-100% recycled glass. Custom designs and color matching are possible.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: USA
Glassnow glass containers with cork stoppers


Grounded Packaging:
Bags, Pouches, Wrappers & Labels
Australia-based Grounded offers a variety of compostable packages for food, such as cereals, pasta, produce, snack bars, and more. Items are primarily made with cellulose from eucalyptus, cassava starch, and non-GMO corn. All can be custom printed. Grounded is planning to expand to the U.S. and U.K.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable (some), Non-GMO (some), Non-tree Biomass (some)
Manufactured: Varies but primarily Germany, Turkey, Malaysia & China
Grounded Packaging compostable pouch


Bioplastic Wrap
MakeGrowLab specializes in a SCOBY-based packaging wrap suitable for dry foods. The material can be sealed with heat and can be custom printed on.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: Poland
MakeGrowLab bioplastic wrap


Notpla’s Ooho flexible sachets are made from brown seaweed and other plant life. They’re actually edible (or compostable if you’d rather not eat it) and a great packaging solution for single-serving condiments, dressing, yogurts, and more.

Qualities: Edible, Compostable, Non-tree Biomass, Water Soluble
Manufactured: USA and United Kingdom
Notpla flexible brown seaweed sachets


Molded Packaging
Made of industrial potato starch, cellulose fibers, and water, PaperFoam offers a renewable and biobased alternative to plastic packaging. The material can be molded into any shape making it versatile for food and beverage packaging needs.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable, Recyclable
Manufactured: USA, Malaysia, China, Netherlands
PaperFoam molded packaging


Flexible Packaging
Parkside’s Park2Nature compostable, flexible packaging is derived from a range of natural products, such as paper, eucalyptus fiber, cassava, and corn starch. It’s suitable for dry goods needing custom solutions.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable
Manufactured: UK
Parkside flexible packaging


Produce Packaging
ReadyCycle offers cardboard clamshells, pints, and trays for packing produce and other fresh foods. Stock packaging is made from up to 30% post consumer waste and utilizes a water-based coating (no wax), vegetable-based ink, and food-grade adhesives. ReadyCycle packaging is also fully customizable for large runs.

Qualities: Compostable, Recyclable
Manufactured: USA
ReadyCycle compostable produce packaging


Pouches & Bags
Roastar offers stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and gusseted bags in a compostable kraft material with the option to add a compostable valve. The material provides a six-month shelf life and is suitable for coffee, food, vitamins, tea, and more. Roastar also offers custom printing.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable
Manufactured: USA
Roastar pouch


Stora Enso:
Custom Packaging
Stora Enso’s packaging solutions and materials for manufacturing are made primarily with wood sourced from sustainable forests. Stora Enso’s proprietary materials offer solutions up and down the supply chain: Trayforma can be used to make paperboard trays, Cupforma Natura Solo is a renewable paperboard for hot cups sans plastic coating layer, and Prime liquid packaging boards are suitable for juices and dairy products. Stora Enso’s offerings also include a plant-based barrier coating called PE Green.

Qualities: Compostable (some), Home Compostable (some)
Manufactured: Global
Stora Enso custom packaging for Ingman


Baskets, Pouches, Bags, Wrappers & more
Israel-based TIPA is a powerhouse in the sustainable packaging industry. They offer both stock and fully custom solutions for food products. While not all products are 100% bio-based, they are all 100% compostable. TIPA is best for large volume orders.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable (some)
Manufactured: Italy & Germany
TIPA compostable food wrapper


United Bottles:
Glass Beverage Bottles
Canada-based United Bottles offers both stock and fully custom glass bottles for beverages like wine, liquor, kombucha, cold brew, and more. For North America, they offer a bottle-washing service so your packaging can be reused.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled, Reusable (optional)
Manufactured: North America & Europe
United Bottles glass beverage bottles

Food Service

Restaurants, bakeries, and delis—we have you covered. The temporary nature of single-use, to-go packaging makes it a perfect candidate for change; it’s relatively easy to do, thanks to a wealth of compostable options already on the market.


Be Green: 
Sushi Trays, Clamshells, Cups & more
Be Green’s food service packaging is fully compostable and made from plant fibers like bulrush, bamboo, and bagasse.

Qualities: Compostable, Cradle to Cradle, Non-tree Biomass, Non-GMO, Recyclable Manufactured: Unknown 
Be Green compostable sushi trays, clamshells & more


Cups, Containers, Napkins & more
Retailer BioMass carries a huge selection of renewable, plant-based packaging from different brands. They share a great deal of information on their site to help you navigate the options.

Qualities: Compostable (some), Non-tree Biomass (some), Non-GMO (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: Varies
BioMass compostable cups, containers & more


Wheat Bran-based Plates, Bowls & Cutlery
Biotrem’s tableware and cutlery are produced from natural, edible wheat bran and are suitable for hot and cold foods. Their products are available globally; specific retailers are featured on Biotrem’s site.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: Poland
Biotrem wheat bran-based bowl


Decent Packaging / Innocent Packaging:
Cups, Containers, Sleeves & more
Decent (U.K.) and Innocent (New Zealand) offer a variety of compostable food service packaging with fully custom printing abilities. Their sites are easy to use and full of transparent, helpful information.

Qualities: Compostable, FSC Certified (some), Non-GMO (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: Taiwan & China
Decent Packaging / Innocent Packaging sustainable coffee carrier


Cups, Containers, Utensils & more

Eco-Products offers a wide variety of packaging options for food service along with the ability to custom print. Be sure to check out their product features guide to help you wade through the options.

Qualities: Compostable (some), Non-tree Biomass (some), Non-GMO (some), Recyclable (some), Recycled (some)
Manufactured: Varies
Eco-Products compostable cups


Greenmark: Cups, Containers, Clamshells & more
Greenmark specializes in compostable food and beverage industry solutions made from FSC sourced materials, sugarcane bagasse, PLA, areca palm leaves and bamboo. Products include catering trays, bakery boxes, to-go containers, bags, serving and dining ware.

Qualities: Compostable (some), Home Compostable (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: Varies
Greenmark sustainable food service items


HAY! Straws
If you’re looking for a plastic-free straw, consider HAY! Straws’ compostable wheat-stem straw. No custom branding is available.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: Unknown
HAY! Straws


LOLIWARE’s flashy-branded straws are made from seaweed and have a lifespan of 18+ hours of continuous use. No custom branding is available.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass, Non-GMO
Manufactured: Unknown


Restoration Packaging:
Containers, Cups, Bowls, Cutlery & more
Restoration offers a huge selection of compostable and recyclable food service packaging and the option to custom brand most products.

Qualities: Compostable, FSC-certified (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: Unknown
Restoration Packaging compostable cups


Sulapac’s straws are based on renewable materials such as wood originating from industrial side streams paired with plant-based binders. They biodegrade fully without leaving microplastics behind. Developed in collaboration with Stora Enso, the straws are suitable for up to 24 hours of continuous use. Currently available for consumers and businesses in Europe with a global roll-out to follow.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable
Manufactured: EU
Sulapac straws


Edible Coffee Cups
What if your packaging was edible rather than disposable? Inspired by the classic ice cream cone, Twiice created an edible cup made of wheat flour, sugar, and vanilla. These charming biscuit-like cups are suitable for hot coffees and cold desserts with hours of durability. On top of that, Twiice packs their cups in a home compostable, cellulose-based bag to maintain freshness.

Qualities: Compostable, Edible
Manufactured: New Zealand
Twiice edible coffee cups


Cups, Containers, Sushi Trays & more
Vegware specializes in compostable to-go packaging made from varying materials like bagasse, cello, and PLA plastic. They offer custom branding.

Qualities: Compostable (some), FSC Certified, Non-tree Biomass (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: Varies
Vegware compostable to-go packaging


Trays, Boxes, Baskets & more
VerTerra’s products are almost too pretty to use. They offer two collections, both of which are compostable and make use of materials that would otherwise be considered waste: fallen palm leaves and balsa tree stumps.

Qualities: Compostable
Manufactured: India & Indonesia
VerTerra compostable plates and trays


World Centric:

Containers, Cups, Bowls, Cutlery & more
World Centric offers a wide range of plant-based, compostable food service and food packaging products. Custom printing is available for many of their products, including paper cups, bowls, and individually wrapped straws.

Qualities: Compostable, FSC Certified (some), Non-tree Biomass (some), PCW (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: Unknown
World Centric compostable dinnerware


Yes Straws:
Cane Straws
Yes Straws makes 100% plant-based straws out of renewable, surplus cane from local farmers. Cane Yes Straws are biodegradable and compostable, but can also be reused.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostable, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: Ukraine
Yes Straws: Cane Straws