Ecovative Design compostable mushroom packaging for Seed
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Ecovative Design:
Mushroom Packaging

Ecovative Design discovered a fascinating way to grow packaging. Created from mycelium and the agricultural byproduct of hemp, mushroom packaging offers an alternative to styrofoam and plastic.

The mycelium acts as a living glue, growing into a desired custom shape. The final packaging material is strong, light, water-resistant, and home compostable.

Qualities: Compostable, Cradle to Cradle, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: USA

Photo: Seed


When going fully custom, the options seem endless. Craft something entirely new with our recommended paper stocks or partner with one of these innovative companies to utilize bioplastics, mycelium, molded paper, and more.


Film Packaging
BioBag is best known for its green, compostable bags, but the company also offers custom film packaging solutions for a wide variety of applications like magazine wraps, food packaging, shopping bags, and more.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-GMO (some)
Manufactured: USA (primarily)


Be Green:
Molded Fiber Packaging
Be Green offers custom, molded fiber packaging for consumer goods making use of bagasse, wheat straw, tree fibers and kenaf. They have the ability to create custom shapes as well as Pantone-match.

Qualities: Cradle to Cradle, Compostable, Non-GMO, Non-tree Biomass (partial), Recyclable
Manufactured: USA & China
Be Green molded fiber packaging


Chicago Paper Tube
Chicago Paper Tube offers custom canister packaging. They’re capable of making canisters with up to 100% recycled fiber and up to 90% PCW. Everything is manufactured in Chicago, Illinois.
Qualities: Compostable, PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: USA
Chicago Paper Tube


Custom Paper Tubes
Custom Paper Tubes’ eco-friendly category offers packaging made with up to 95% PCW. This plastic-free solution works for a wide variety of products, including cosmetics items, personal care, cannabis, wine and spirits, and more.

Qualities: Compostable (some), PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: USA
Custom Paper Tubes


Elevate Packaging:
Bags & Pouches
Elevate Packaging has been around for nearly 20 years, specializing in 100% compostable packaging. While they primarily sell stock bags, pouches, and labels, they can work with you to create something fully custom.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: USA
Elevate Packaging compostable pouch


Glass Containers
Glassnow specializes in recycled glassware. All containers are easily curbside recyclable, able to be recycled infinitely, and can be reused by customers. Beyond their wide range of stock packaging, they can create a fully custom container.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: Varies 
Glassnow glass jars with cork stoppers


Grounded Packaging: 
Bags, Pouches & Wrappers
Australia-based Grounded offers custom biofilm packaging solutions for food and non-food products. Items are primarily made with cellulose from eucalyptus, cassava starch, and non-GMO corn. All can be custom printed. Grounded has plans to expand to the U.S. and U.K.

Qualities: Compostable, Home Compostsable (some), Non-GMO (some), Non-tree Biomass (some)
Manufactured: Varies but primarily Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, and China
Grounded Packaging pouch


Independent Can:
Steel Containers
Independent Can’s containers are made with steel, a material that’s curbside recyclable, able to be recycled infinitely, and can be reused by customers. Independent Can offers custom branding on a wide array of containers styles.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: USA
Independent Can steel containers


James Cropper:
Colourform Molded Fiber Packaging
Colourform molds are made plastic-free with 100% wood fibers. They can be custom colored and sculpted for virtually any packaging need. James Cropper also offers the option to use PCW fiber (specifically used coffee cups) depending on the project’s need.

Qualities: Compostable, FSC Certified, PCW (optional), Recyclable
Manufactured: United Kingdom & USA
James Cropper Colourform molded fiber packaging

Molded Mushroom Packaging brings Ecovative’s Mushroom Packaging to Europe. Made from mycelium and the agricultural byproduct of hemp, mushroom packaging offers an alternative to styrofoam that is strong, lightweight, water-resistant, and home compostable.

Qualities: Compostable, Cradle to Cradle, Non-tree Biomass
Manufactured: Netherlands molded mushroom packaging


Lumi is a full-service supply chain and packaging platform, offering everything from sourcing to logistics management. For businesses wanting to prioritize sustainability with their packaging, Lumi also provides guidance and resources.

Qualities: Compostable (some), FSC Certified (some), PCW (some), Recyclable (some)
Manufactured: USA & China
Lumi Custom Packaging


Ocean Waste Plastics: 
Recycled Plastic Packaging
Ocean Waste Plastics, part of Pack Tech in Denmark, retrieves plastic pollution from natural waterways (primarily the Philippine Sea, the Caribbean Sea, and the Indian Ocean) and recycles the waste into fully custom molded packaging. Thanks to their unique process, no virgin plastic is added.

Qualities: Recyclable, Recycled
Manufactured: Indonesia, USA, China
Ocean Waste Plastics recycled plastic packaging for Kevin Murphy


Molded Packaging
Made of industrial potato starch, cellulose fibers, and water, PaperFoam offers a renewable and bio-based alternative to plastic and styrofoam packaging. The material can be molded into any shape, making it incredibly versatile for packaging needs, whether for cosmetics, electronics, or even food.

Qualities: Compostable, FSC Certified, Home Compostable, Non-GMO, Non-tree Biomass, Recyclable
Manufactured: USA, Malaysia, China, Netherlands
PaperFoam molded eggshell carton for Kipster


Molded Fiber Packaging
PulpWorks specializes in molded fiber packaging for consumer goods made from 100% post-consumer waste and agricultural waste such as bagasse, bamboo, switch grass, and wheat straw. There are many options when it comes to customization: shape, functionality, color and texture.

Qualities: Compostable, Non-tree Biomass, PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: Global
PulpWorks molded fiber packaging for COVERGIRL


Smile Plastics:
Recycled Plastic Packaging & more
These beautiful composite panels are made from post consumer recycled plastic as well as scrap from manufacturing. Each design is composed of different recycled materials ranging from yogurt containers to chopping boards and are both waterproof and rot resistant. Smile Plastics are well suited for exhibitions, merchandising, interiors, and product design (but cannot be injection molded). Custom commissions are also available, including packaging.

Qualities: PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: UK
Smile Plastics recycled plastic panels


Wood-based Packaging
Sulapac offers custom packaging solutions using their “Universal” and “Premium” materials. These two materials are suited for injection molding, are 100% bio-based, and can be composted in an industrial facility at end-of-life. The materials can be processed with existing plastic product manufacturing machinery and contain only food contact approved raw materials (EU), making them suitable for a broad range of applications.

Qualities: Compostable
Manufactured: EU
Sulapac Nordic Collection wood-based packaging


Cannabis Packaging
SunGrown Packaging offers custom solutions for the cannabis industry made with recycled and compostable materials. All materials are sourced in the USA, and all packaging is manufactured under one roof in Oakland, California.

Qualities: Child-resistant, Compostable (optional), PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: USA
SunGrown cannabis packaging for 1906 New Highs


Sustainable Packaging Industries (SPI): 
Molded Fiber Packaging
SPI specializes in molded pulp packaging made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard. While they primarily sell stock packaging, they can also create custom, sculpted shapes for large-scale orders.

Qualities: Compostable, PCW, Recyclable
Manufactured: Asia
Sustainable Packaging Industries (SPI) molded fiber packaging


Tin Canna:
Tin Cannabis Containers
Tin Canna creates custom tin containers suitable for cannabis. By using tin, the packaging is easily recyclable and typically made with a percentage of recycled content (exact percentage is unknown).

Qualities: Child-resistant, Recyclable, Recycled Manufactured: China
Tin Canna tin cannabis container for 1906 New Highs


Paper Tubes
UK-based Visican creates custom “luxury” tube packaging. While they offer both paper (card) and plastic tubes, we recommend going with their paper options, of course.

Qualities: Recyclable
Manufactured: United Kingdom
Visican paper tube